Welcome to the official website of the chest wall international group. This multi-purpose platform offers information, communication and cooperation to all individuals who are concerned with disorders involving the thoracic wall. We address this initiative to thoracic as well as to pediatric surgeons and we also encourage colleagues from bordering disciplines to join in. The broad spectrum of chest wall disorders includes the characteristic features seen in pectus excavatum and carinatum, tumors of the thoracic wall, congenital deformities and rare, unclassified malformations. Creating an interdisciplinary and international group of experts in this field will help to provide the best care for patients and to optimize diagnostic pathways and treatment protocols.

The main purpose of the CWIG website is twofold: first, we provide information and communication to anyone, who is interested in chest wall disorders and second, a shielded professional area which can be joined by clinicians and clinical/basic researchers, in order to discuss complicated and unusual cases and to unravel still unsolved problems.


23rd Annual Congress of the Chest Wall International Group

22nd Annual Congress of the Chest Wall International Group

2022 annual CWIG-meeting

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